On March 24, 2011, the Copperas Cove Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC) Board of Directors held an all-day retreat to discuss the creation of a strategic plan for the corporation. This plan will guide the organization in its economic development efforts, focusing on several key issues, such as business retention, business attraction, business development and infrastructure projects over the next couple of years.Chairman of the CCEDC Board of Directors Dan Yancey said, “The next several years will bring dramatic changes to our community. Shops at Five Hills, the bypasses, the development of a Business and Technology Park, the revitalization of our downtown, and new businesses coming to Business 190 are just some of the changes we will see. Today, our work will result in the setting of the priorities that will guide us for the next several years.”

Ron Cox of Ron Cox Consulting was hired in February 2011 to facilitate the development of a strategic plan. His first task was to interview all Board members, City Council liaisons, City staff and the County Judge. The interviews established the key issues the Board would address at its retreat.

These key issues were discussed by the Board, liaisons and staff. City Manager Andrea Gardner and County Judge John Firth found time to attend the first part of the retreat and addressed the board with their views of the state of economic development in Copperas Cove.

The Board then focused on the CCEDC Mission Statement: “To establish a comprehensive economic development program for Copperas Cove through new industry recruitment, business expansion and retention activity and small business development.” The Mission Statement was divided into statements and discussed individually. Key issues were grouped and assigned to each individual statement.

To end the day, the CCEDC Board of Directors discussed the Mission Statement itself. It was determined that some changes were needed. The revised Mission Statement is “To establish and maintain a comprehensive economic development program for Copperas Cove through new industry recruitment, business expansion, retention and development activity.” The Board chose to add “and maintain” regarding the “economic development program” to the first part of the statement and remove “small” in reference to “business” from the last part of the statement.

“I was very impressed with the commitment and vision of the Board and staff for economic development in Copperas Cove,” said Ron Cox. “In their day together, the Board was able to focus on the issues at hand, and develop strategies and goals for meeting their vision. They had a full and productive day of planning.”

In the weeks that followed, Ron Cox, the facilitator, met with the Executive Director and staff in a series of follow up meetings. At these meetings, staff was asked to develop an action plan for each of the strategies approved and adopted by the Board. The Action Plan is included in the Strategic Plan. It is important to note that this plan is dynamic. The reporting process should reflect the status of the project and the changes that may be effected throughout the life of the Plan.

Finally, on July 21, 2011, the CCEDC Board of Directors adopted the Strategic Plan and the Action Plan.

“The work that the CCEDC Board of Directors took on was not easy,” said Polo Enriquez, CCEDC Executive Director. “Setting priorities and developing actions to accomplish the objectives is a formidable task. But because this Board understands the importance of planning for economic development, they willingly made the tough decisions. Now the organization has a new set of clear and attainable goals and objectives.”

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