The 2013 Fort Hood Economic Region Wage and Fringe Benefits Survey was sponsored by the Fort Hood Economic Region. The Pathfinders, an economic development and corporate site-selection consultant firm located in Dallas, Texas, conducted the survey.

Information was gathered via a printed or emailed survey form. The wage data presented by job title for hourly positions in this report includes


Us Dollar Note

  • Low Entry Pay
  • Low Average Pay
  • Average Entry Pay
  • Mean Average Pay
  • High Entry Pay
  • High Average Pay
  • Weighted Average Pay



Weighted average corrects the distortion which would occur in a simple average if one company has ten employees in a position at an average of $10 per hour and another company has one employee in the same position at $20 per hour. The simple average of those two would be $15 per hour, but the weighted average would be $10.91 per hour. The wage data presented by job title for salaried positions includes average annual salary. Fringe benefits reported include insurance, sick leave, holidays, vacations, and financial plans.